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Jet Fuel Strategies is a one-stop, total fuel solution, providing the corporate aircraft operator the tools to realize the best value from every fuel dollar.  Whether you have a fleet of 'heavy-iron' jets, or a KingAir-90, we can help. Negotiating retail isn't enough. Having a few discount fuel contracts isn't enough. JFS offers a suite of web-based easy-to-use tools, giving you the power to create a cost-savings Jet Fuel Strategy of your own.

To get started, simply give us a call, or send us an email, and we'll help you get your fuel contracts loaded and ready for searching, sorting, and ordering.

Don't have your own contracts?, or only have a few? Want to streamline your fuel contract management and billing? Take a look at our Full-Service feature.

  • FastFuelTM.   Search for and order discount fuel at up to 5 locations in seconds.  
  • SmartFuelTM.   High resolution search results presenting cost saving alternatives.  
  • OptimizerTM Tankering Solution.   Mathematically optimized fuel tankering solution for up to 5 legs.  
JFS-Supported Fuel Vendors
A.R.I. - Intl. AEG Commercial AEG Fuels AEG Fuels - Canada
Air Routing International AirBP International Alliance ARINC
Arrow Energy International Arrow Fuel Av Fuel Colt International
Epic Aviation Everest Fuel Management Evo - Jet J.F.I
JetEx Flight Support Landmark MGas MultiService International
Pacific Coast Forecasting Page Avjet Fuel Co. Shell Signature
Universal World Fuel Services    

Have your own discount fuel contracts?  Upload your contract pricing files to our secure server in minutes.  Then, search for and order your fuel from any web-connected computer. This can be your dispatch center or company office, an FBO, the hotel room, even the cockpit.   You can find and order your best-cost fuel in seconds.  Virtually ALL contract vendors are supported!

Do you utilize a contract fuel vendor that is not supported here? Just let us know and we'll have support within days (if not hours)!!

Powerful, Fleet-Style Fuel Purchasing

Realize potential cost savings by ordering fuel directly from JFS' discounted supply. You benefit from our experience and purchasing power.  Don't have fuel contracts? Only have a few? Would you rather not deal with the hassle of updating your contracts every few days? By utilizing our Full-Service offering you take advantage of our contracts! Let us help you save! You need not and should not be paying retail for your fuel when a better option is available. Jet Fuel Strategies gives you that option! We achieve these low fuel prices by aggressively negotiating with more than 25 discount fuel suppliers, as well as negotiating direct-from-FBO fleet discounts. Our high volume bargaining power means lower prices for you.

Streamlined Billing Advantage and Auditing

Fuel Price Auditing   JFS audits fuel purchases to reconcile differences between quoted and actual purchase prices. Active monitoring by our accounting professionals ensures you are not taken advantage of through uncaptured billing errors.

Simplified Accounting and Billing.   Itemized fuel procurement and billing from a single source - regardless of how many contract vendors were utilized during your billing cycle!

A Winning Strategy.   Combine low fuel prices, Auditing, and Simplified Billing with the powerful Searching, Sorting, Ordering, and Tankering tools of the JFS program, and you have a winning Jet Fuel Strategy!

OptimizerTM Fuel Tankering Calculator

Wondering if buying the expensive fuel is worth waiving the ramp fee??  (You may be surprised how often it's not!)  Does the cost of carrying the fuel outweigh the benefit of the cheaper gas?? JFS has a strategy for you. OptimizerTM provides a mathematically optimized fuel purchasing/tankering solution for each of your flight segments (up to five). Our fully integrated Optimizer module considers fuel price, minimum quantity, ramp fees, cost of tankering, and a host of other operational parameters. You are presented with a suggested upload schedule for each stop, representing the cheapest fuel purchase solution for your trip. Optimizer's cost-balancing equation takes the guess work out of tankering cost-considerations. Provide a few inputs for each leg, and push the button.

About FBO participation in our program

Jet Fuel Strategies is designed to simplify things for today's purchasers of jet fuel, helping them navigate the myriad of options available to them.  Negotiating fleet pricing direct with  the FBO is an integral part of our plan to deliver the best price and simplest shopping experience possible to our subscribers.  As a partner of JFS, you can expose your  price to our growing list of subscribers, and enjoy location specific advertising on our site.

Our subscribers can be your customers.  Contact us today and have your preferred pricing be a part of our search results right away.  FBO participation is free as well! 

Partnership with Jet Fuel Strategies.  Get in on it!